Alternative Treatments

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease

Admittedly, most of us won’t be modeling poses for a yoga magazine any time soon. The bodies on those glossy pages are not of people with the symptoms of Parkinson’s: their bodies move and bend with ease. Yoga, however, is not limited to individuals who can “do” it. Indeed, practicing yoga may be more benefi cial to the less fl exible among us – particularly in light of the issues that accompany Parkinson’s, such as rigidity, dystonia, tremor, dyskinesia and imbalance. For more information read our leaflet: ALT1 Yoga for Parkinson's Disease

Reflexology for Parkinson's Disease

Reflexology is an ancient healing art based on the principle that the body will, given the opportunity, heal itself and bring about a state of natural balance in order to function to its full capacity. Reflexology practitioners follow the hypotheses that all structures and organs in the body are mirrored on the feet and hands, and, by using specific touching techniques to stimulate the reflex points, can help the body to regain a balanced state. For more information read our leaflet: ALT2 Reflexology for Parkinson's Disease

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