Sinemet Shortage Update 

18 Jan 2019: Sinemet Product Update


We continue to monitor the situation regarding the availability of ‘Sinemet’ (Levodopa) products from the manufacturer MSD and would like to share important updates: 

Sinemet 25/100

  • We are pleased to confirm that the ‘Sinemet’ product ‘Sinemet Plus 25/100’ is now back in stock in Ireland and your local Pharmacy will be able to refill your next prescription with this product as per your requirements


Sinemet 25/250

  • The ‘Sinemet’ product ‘Sinemet 25/250’ remains out of stock in Ireland, and we still expect that it will be the end of March before this product is available again in Ireland. This date is subject to change and we will continue to provide updates as we receive them. 
  • Please continue to follow previous guidance on what to do if you are prescribed Sinemet 25/250
  • The use of generic brands of Levodopa (‘Sinemet’) continues to be available to patients and is available through your pharmacy. We understand that some patients have expressed concerns about using generic products, it is important to be reassured that generics are a safe option, and while they have not previously been available in Ireland - they are available and widely used in many other countries including the UK, Canada and the US.  
  • Please be mindful that if using generics or alternative dosages of sinemet, your prescription may include tablets which look different or are in different dosages to which you are used to. Take care to ensure you are taking the correct dosages and speak to your pharmacist if you are unsure or have questions.


We will issue a further update next month.

Finally, please consult with your Pharmacist, GP and/or your Consultant if you have additional questions or queries.



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