Over 12,000 people in Ireland have Parkinson’s Disease and The PAI represents the Parkinson’s community through its 2,000 members. Our Strategic Plan highlights the fantastic work that is done, largely on a voluntary basis across the country. This work is done by volunteers, many of whom have Parkinson’s or have a family member or a loved one with Parkinson’s - often family members can also be working in caring roles. The commitment, community spirit, and care that these members show is the life force that drives The PAI. Supporting these members across the country is a small team of three dedicated staff based in head office. The work highlighted in our Strategic Plan and the achievements over the last number of years could be that of an organisation many times the size of PAI. Collectively we have achieved this by using our resources carefully and by working in partnership with other agencies who have common goals to our own, be they health providers, researchers, pharmaceutical companies or business. We plan to build on our great strength for partnership over these next five years. Over the next strategic period, 2017-2022, we would also like to focus on our sustainability by ensuring the essentials required by contemporary charities are as good as they can be – governance, showing impact and building a diversity of fundraising sources are all key to this. The PAI is often a lifeline - providing support, community and health services when these are most needed, and often when there are no other accessible supports. We know that what we do contributes to people with Parkinson’s having a better quality of life and of feeling supported through all stages of Parkinson’s. This plan is about understanding the responsibility that we have to protect and grow the association on behalf of its members and for its members. We intend to continue the excellent work that is core to Parkinson’s and to grow and develop the organisation. 

To reach our overall goal of a better, stronger Parkinson’s Association we will work towards achieving the following six ambitious strategic actions.

1. Strengthen Governance, Regulation and Membership of the Parkinson’s Association ensuring compliance with the Charities Regulator, Code of Governance and Fundraising Principles, working towards recruitment of regional officers and to extend the branch network to support this work.

2. Campaign for Better Services for People with Parkinson’s and Promote Information and Awareness at national and international levels.

3. Develop National Fundraising Strategy, and full time fundraising role to support organisational development, namely research, nursing strategic and governance goals.

4. Extend National Nursing Service at National Office and lobby for better access to nursing, locally.

5. Develop Multidisciplinary Research Network, research strategy and increase funding raised for research. 6. Build Evidence of Effectiveness and Value of Our Work through a targeted programme of research and data collection.

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Thank you to the Board of Directors, Members of Staff of The PAI, Branch Committees, Branch Members, Committee Members, Volunteers and all our Funders for their continuous commitment to The PAI.

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