We were delighted to have Helen McInerney and the Nationwide team at our New Ross class of Rock Steady Boxing Click Here to view the programme. This program will help to let people know how beneficial this class is after only three months of participating. It will really help highlight Parkinson’s and particularly young onset.  We are rolling out this exercise class nationwide and will require new coaches to be trained the end of March by RSB USA. An idonate fund has been set up to help with this to donate please click on the link below.


Help Us To Fund Rock Steady Boxing

We have set up a idonate page to help assist coach training and facilitation of these classes. All donations welcome. Please click the link below to donate.


Becoming a Coach

We were so delighted with the benefits of these classes that we have asked RSB USA to come to Ireland at the end of March to train more coaches so that this program is available nationwide.

Please ring 051-347473 for more information about classes or the coaching programme

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact, fitness inspired boxing programme specifically designed for people living with Parkinson's disease. The programme can dramatically improve people’s everyday lives.

Rock Steady Boxing was originally founded in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2006 by former State Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 39. Newman wanted to challenge the disease and began a personal regimen designed by his friend a boxing trainer. He noticed improvements in his health, agility and a reduction in Parkinson’s symptoms. This led to the initial setting up of this programme with the help of Kristy Rose Follmer. The programme began to spread and is now across America and also currently runs in 18 countries around the world.

Researchers at the University of Indianapolis conducted a study over a two-year period to compare 88 people living with Parkinson’s exercising. Half of them were doing RSB to the other half doing regular exercise. The findings were that the RSB’s participants had a better gait and endurance and could even walk faster at the end of the two years. It also helped with postural stability. Also, they found the comradeship and motivation of coaches meant they kept going back to class. People have been doing this class for 13 years.

The Class

The classes are taught by specially trained Rock Steady Boxing coaches. It is an exercise programme that helps the functions of everyday lives, like getting out of a chair, carrying shopping while also focusing on overall fitness, strength training, coordination, multitasking, and balance. There is also work done to increase voice volume, which can give people their confidence back. This is a non-contact program and is open to people of all ages to help fight Parkinson’s and help delay progression. Videos of classes can be seen on YouTube. 

We currently have classes running in New Ross, Naas and Tullamore. 




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