The Parkinson’s Policy Regarding Events & COVID-19

We are closely monitoring the evolving situation with COVID-19. As of Friday 13th March, all advertised events and classes are canceled, unless we advise otherwise.

Please contact:  or if you require any further information.

Pharmacy Update 27.03.2020

 The key information points are:

 There are currently no known Covid-related medication shortages and these are not envisaged as pharmaceutical manufacturing, wholesale and pharmacies are all considered essential in all locked down countries to maintain the supply chain.

 However, in order to ensure that short-term shortages don’t arise we all need to work together and all pharmacists are being asked to give no more than a month of any medication at a time.

 To help the pharmacy:

 Please ring/email 48-72 hours in advance of your prescription being due to order your repeat in order to allow the pharmacy to ensure they have stock — even longer if any medication usually has a longer wait time though.

Ordering by phone or email helps the pharmacist and you as it reduces the time you will need to spend in the pharmacy and reduce unnecessary social contacts for you and the pharmacy staff.

 If you only are taking PD medication covered by the Long term illness (green book) and usually don’t pay, it would be best to call when you are outside and meet a member of staff at the door for your medication to limit your interactions.

 If your prescription repeats have run out/are about to run out- please don’t be concerned as pharmacists have been afforded discretion to repeat medical card prescriptions without a new prescription and some will use their discretion and give you a month of your PD drugs. It would be best to contact your GP/consultant by phone or email and request a repeat to be emailed or posted to you and the pharmacy.

 PLEASE check your pharmacy opening hours as many are operating on reduced hours or closing for periods during the day, again to limit social interaction.

Many pharmacies are operating in teams meaning that on certain days or at certain times there will be one group of staff who will not overlap with or meet the other group. So if you usually have two pharmacists in your shop you may only see one of these at certain times but this is to protect staff and to ensure continued running of the pharmacy.

 If you have any symptoms of illness DO NOT go to the pharmacy. Instead, please ask a friend/family member/carer to collect for you and if that is not possible contact your pharmacy to see if they are offering a delivery service as some are during this crisis.

 If you have carers or anyone coming into your home to help you and you are social distancing, it is fine for them to continue coming but best to discuss and consider your needs. If they help with groceries and cooking, avoid being in the same room as them. If they need to be in the same room as you ensure all precautions such as handwashing and protective clothing are practiced. The HSE has emphasised that people should not turn away carers if they are not unwell.

 If, as a person living with PD, you get any symptoms of Covid 19 you should:

 Self-Isolate immediately on first sign of symptoms.

Call your GP who will decide if you need a test.

If you need to be tested, you may need to speak to your GP about how you will get there if you do not drive. It is also acceptable for a member of your household to drive you as they are likely to have been exposed to the virus prior to symptoms anyway.

If you do not drive and live alone, speak to your GP.

The national ambulance service may also be home testing those in need.

If you are self-isolating- at this point carers and family members and other members of your household should not be in the same room as you, as far as possible.

To receive medication or food, just leave the door on the latch as they approach, leave the room and return once they have left.

If you have concerns about your ability to self-isolate at home due to your PD, especially for those of you with restricted mobility, contact your doctor for advice and any supports you may need

PD is not listed as one of the risk factors which is reassuring. However, if you have any other risk factors these will take precedence.






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